H2 Logic Could Quiet Some Hydrogen Critics

Courtesy of fuelcelltoday.com
Courtesy of fuelcelltoday.com

The biggest challenges facing both battery-powered cars and hydrogen fuel cell cars is a lack of refueling infrastructure and being able to produce the alternative fuel with minimal emissions. Batteries aren’t recyclable (yet) and end up clogging landfills and polluting water supplies. Hydrogen is usually obtained through fracking natural gas which arguably is not the greenest way of obtaining it. Despite the weird battle going on between battery-powered cars and hydrogen ones (as opposed to the probably more important battle of just trying to reduce car pollution in general), one company is trying to change people’s minds about the feasibility of hydrogen infrastructure and energy.

H2 Logic, a small Danish company, has created a ‘relatively cheap’ hydrogen refueling station that obtains hydrogen via the electrolysis process.  By obtaining hydrogen via electrolysis instead of natural gas, toxic production emissions are greatly reduced. Better yet, it’s portable, so they can be transported to where demand is anticipated to be high – a shrewd tactic given that there is minimal hydrogen infrastructure available currently.

In each refueling station pod, hydrogen is generated on-site as part of one big electrolysis experiment. Overnight and when not in use during the day, the machines are constantly splitting water, storing up enough hydrogen in 24 hours to refuel 2-6 cars, depending on the size of station you purchase. As for cost, the company states, “The low investment required combined with a high energy efficiency makes the MH-100 capable of providing hydrogen at a dispensing cost competitive with conventional use of diesel or LPG.”

As of now, purchases of these stations have been mainly by governments  looking to power their hydrogen fleets. In the future, H2 Logic recognizes that the stations will will need to be much quicker at producing hydrogen to make it a legitimate commercial business.

For now, however, with car companies just starting to move from prototype to road models, H2 Logic claims it has 40 percent of Europe’s hydrogen refueling station market. While impressive, the real test will come in the company’s ability to scale the production of refueling station as global demand for fuel cell cars continues to rise.

To read more about H2 Logic or for source information from this post, visit h2logic.com.


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